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Nikieta Lambert

Teaching you how to stand up for yourself and ACT assertively!

Are you tired of being misunderstood or straight up not heard? 

Want to learn how to take charge of your personal AND professional relationships?

Ready to learn how to express your feelings, ask for what you want, and say 'no' to what you don't want?

You have the power to create the relationships you want. Believe it or not, you can have pretty much whatever you want! You just need to know how to communicate it.  

In this virtual workshop, I'll share the 3 steps that transformed my communication style and my life!


If you need to get ready for all those unwarranted family conversations over this holiday season, then you won't want to miss this!

This course has a $95 value. 
If you're seeing this today, you can take advantage of the holiday rate of just $55!

And that $55 is a VERY small investment when you consider everything you have to gain from becoming more assertive: resolution with friends and family, peace of mind, peace in your marriage, better leadership capabilities, a raise, a better job and more.

Sign up today to reserve your spot!
When: Tuesday, December 7 @ 6:30pm est. 

What if you can't make it?? 

Don't worry! Anyone who purchases a reservation to this event receives access to the replay for 7 days. That's right, 7 days to replay, take notes, and internalize this life-changing material. 


What I'm All About


Stigma Fighting

Shining light on the less talked about topics regarding mental health.


Cultivating Community

Gathering people together who are committed to uplifting and validating each other during times of healing and growth


Humanizing the Hustle

Sharing tools and thoughts to help people along their growth journeys

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Download the Month of Mending today to begin your healing journey.

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