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I'm Nikieta

I've made it my life's mission to help people find the voice that narcissistic caregivers took from them. I know what it's like to grow up in dysfunction. I grew up with my sister and narcissistic mom. My dad is amazing, but he was hardly home because of his career in the Navy. Often left alone with my mom, I had a childhood full of emotional/verbal abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, and neglect. I've also battled through eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, an anxiety disorder, ADHD, spiritual abuse, and the untimely death of my mom. I know just as well as anyone....the struggle is REAL. 


Through years of therapy, research, determination, and the support of my close circle, I've been able to endure all of this and create a life of joy that I love living, and I want to help as many people be able to do that as possible. I bare all my ugly in hopes of helping people feel like they can push through one more day and eventually see all the joy and peace that life has to offer. 

I like to tell my story on Instagram, and I have a new YouTube channel. Any way that I can share my story and show that there is hope, I'm all about it. When I was at my lowest, the thing I hated most was feeling I was the only one to have a family like mine and be as "screwed up" as I felt. I wanted to see someone else who had issues like mine but was still trying to live a fulfilling life. It is my goal to create the platform that I so desperately needed. 


I don't at all proclaim to be perfect or completely healed. I am not the master or guru of self-care and recovery. BUT!! I am committed to walking with you and allowing you to walk with me as I share with you all my ups and downs. I'm building a community, a safe space, a circle of validation for people who have stories that are difficult for many people to understand. You can always come here and be seen, feel heard, and offered support. I cannot offer you the pristine picture of wellness, but I can show you how I refuse to let my baggage keep me from living my best life...and I can cheer for you as you learn to do the same. 

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