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Nikieta Lambert is passionate about teaching women to go ALL in with their business endeavors. She advocates for women to “add grace to their grind” and remember that they must ground themselves before they can grow their business. With more women thriving in the world of business with each passing day, it can be easy to adopt the “hustle mentality” and work yourself into the ground just to keep up. Nikieta teaches women how to work hard and boss up without checking their humanity at the door. 

Looking for someone honest, raw, relatable, humorous, and energetic? 

Nikieta is the woman you’re looking for! Armed with a lifetime of experience and years of research, Nikieta has given talks on: living with mental illness, workplace burnout, self-care, and overcoming adversity in order to achieve greatness and reach a place of peace. Nikieta has spoken at conferences, workshops, retreats, and even more intimate groups. She has also spoken at virtual events. She knows how to dazzle a large crowd and endear a small room. After graduating from Hampton University with a degree in entrepreneurship, she helped to open a school in 2012 and led the school to national accreditation. She now has her own business, normalizing mental health struggles and providing a safe space for people who have experienced childhood trauma. Nikieta is also currently writing her first book, Dear Friend, Get Well. 
Nikieta is all about helping you to humanize your hustle. Gone are the days where busy-ness is a badge of honor and a lack of sleep is synonymous with success. We’re moving past the times where you had to check your baggage at the door. Nikieta’s motto is to “go as you grow”, meaning you can make major business moves while tending to your inner self (all that baggage). Having baggage does not disqualify you from success. With her talks, Nikieta equips women to be their best in business by learning how to first show up for themselves. 

Signature Talks

Young Businesswomen

Going ALL In

In this talk, Nikieta teaches women how to harness the audacity it takes to go ALL in with their business. She calls women to look deep within, assess where they are, and bravely take the steps toward where they want to go. Women’s presence in the world of business is expanding every day, and in Going ALL In, Nikieta teaches women how to be ready to take up space in that world.

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How ACT Assertively

With this talk, Nikieta shares three fundamental steps for assertive communication. Being a woman in business requires a certain level of grit and confidence. Whether communicating with potential clients, designers, contractors, or investors, women need to know how to communicate exactly what they want. In How to ACT Assertively, Nikieta walks women through the inner work that must be done before they can truly assert themselves in order to take their businesses to the next level. 

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