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The Month of Mending

For People Overcoming Difficult Childhoods

Yoga at Home

A guide designed to help people healing from their painful past to make meaningful progress toward the life of joy and freedom they deserve.

Now Only $15


Laura S.

This guide is such a great idea and has been so helpful in healing from a traumatic childhood. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has been curious about healing their traumatic past, especially their childhood.

Arica B.

I wish this guide existed years ago when I first began looking for practical tools to help support me as I started my journey to heal from childhood wounds! Each prompt is easy to modify depending on my physical/emotional needs. I would definitely recommend this guide to anyone who has the desire to begin their mindfulness and healing journey!

Re L.

This is very helpful, wonderful work. Honestly, it's amazing. The exercises weren't too much. They were perfect.

Want a blueprint for overcoming your hurt-filled childhood?

What if you had a guide that could take you from burdened to enlightened in just 31 days?


With The Month of Mending, you don't have to blindly feel your way through pain or wonder why you're doing different exercises. You'll not only learn different strategies to help you overcome your pain, but you will be given information about why the strategies are helpful. At the end of 31 days, you will have completed a variety of healing practices that will continue to serve you long after the Month of Mending is complete. 

A month of coaching with me is valued at $385; however, for a limited time, you can receive a month of healing prompts and activities for just $15. 

As a child, if you were:


  • Manipulated and gaslit

  • Given more responsibilities than you should have been

  • Often left alone

  • Physically and/or emotionally abused

  • Exposed to violence and/or substance abuse

  • Robbed of being a child


...then this guide is for you. 

START The Month of Mending NOW


It's easier than ever to get started on the road to recovering your soul and claiming the life that was always intended to be yours.

  1. BUY NOW: Click the BUY NOW button and pay just $15 for the guide with an easy checkout transaction.

  2. CHECK YOUR EMAIL:  You'll receive a welcome email  that will include The Month of Mending guide. You can access it right from your device! Be sure to check your spam, junk, or promotions folder. 

  3. Open and BEGIN: Open the file for immediate access to your Month of Mending workbook, and begin your journey to a more peaceful and present you in just 31 days. 


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