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Let's talk.

Schedule a 30 minute Trauma Dump session with me. It's really your time to let loose. Everything you've ever wanted to say about your abuser(s) is fair game. I offer a safe and confidential space for you to share all the ugly things your narcissist (or otherwise emotionally abusive) caregiver did to you. 

Sometimes you just need time to unload, with no one interrupting you or offering unsolicited advice. I got you!! Sign up for your session right here.

Trauma Dump sessions are ONLY $35. The catch is, there is very limited availability. So you'll want to secure your spot right away!

"What if I need more time?"

If 30 minutes isn't enough for you, you might be interested in a full on Validation Session. These special times are 45 minutes long and a much more interactive and empowering experience. 

During Validation sessions, not only do I provide the safe space for you to share but I also provide feedback to validate your experience. I confirm that you, in fact, are NOT the "crazy" one. I provide commentary to help you feel seen and tips to help you leave empowered. 

When you schedule your session, you will see a prompt that says, "Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting." In that box, indicate that you would like a 45 minute Validation Session for only $50. 

Also, please note: you can schedule more than 1 Trauma Dump or Validation session. This does not have to be a 1-and-done situation. 

I look forward to hearing about all you've overcome. 


"Nikieta gave my soul the biggest hug through her validation and input. I felt so seen, heard and supported. I had so many hard things to share, but she listened and the weight in my mind felt lighter after we talked. I left our conversation with a heart full of joy, newfound insights and a lot of courage to move forward." 

Krystal B.

"Growing up with a narcissistic parent leaves you so alone in the world. It's hard to grasp what has happened to you. Then, when you are able to make sense of the abuse, you find it almost impossible to talk about it with people who are able to handle your experiences. Well, Nikieta is that person who can handle it. I have no words for the healing that can come simply from having someone listen and understand this uniquely painful experience.

Asha G.

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